ESG & Responsible Investing

ESG & Responsible Investing

ESG & Responsible Investing

ESG & Responsible Investing

We deliver customized investment portfolios, which integrate an assessment of relevant environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues and reflect clients’ unique values. We believe that evaluating companies’ performance on relevant ESG issues can provide additional insights as to how effectively companies’ are managing risks that could affect their financial performance. By evaluating a company’s performance on these factors, we are able to make better, more well-informed decisions with the aim of improving risk-adjusted returns.

ESG issues that may impact investment performance include:
Environmental: Resource management, emissions reduction, environmental accidents, risk mitigation
Social: Health and safety, human rights, community relations, supply chain monitoring
Governance: Executive compensation, shareholders’ rights, accountability of board leadership

We were the first quantitative investment team to sign the Principles for Responsible Investment. We have incorporated full ESG integration since 2008.

Strategies Offered

Disciplined Equity

Customized additional religious, values-based, and environmental solutions:

Fundamental Equity

  • Customized religious, values-based, and environmental solutions

Fixed Income

  • Customized religious, values-based, and environmental solutions
  • ESG Integration - Making more well-informed investment decisions
  • Responsible Investing - Aligning investments with clients’ values

Meet Our Team

Jon Quigley

Chief Investment Officer – Disciplined Equity



Laura Wicklander West

Director, Client Service


Laurie Watson

Managing Director - Client Service & Sales